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Iberica Capital Partners (“ICP”) is a group of companies built on a common principle of professional expertise, integrity and the creation of value in both business and society. Through its subsidiary branches the company is active in fields ranging from logistics and technology, to real estate, finance and management services. The common thread in every one of these companies is a commitment to business excellence.

In the philosophy of ICP, however, commercial success is indivisible from a commitment to our community and environment. For our partners and us, economic, social and ecological sustainability are vital goals. We believe modern businesses have both a moral and commercial role to play in helping achieve this within our generation.

ICP is a Spanish focused, diversified, holding group of companies with multinational aim, centred on the core principles of economic and societal value and sustainability. Supporting off market selected investments globally, the group is active in green alternative energy and health fields. Our team, made up of experienced international professionals from a wide array of backgrounds, are critical to the growth of our invested companies and, by extension, the overall group.

The core philosophy of ICP, however, is that commercial success is indivisible from a commitment to our community and environment. For this reason, ICP and our partner companies focus on economic, social and ecological sustainability as primary goals. In support of this philosophy, ICP actively participates in a number of philanthropic ventures around the globe.



ICP was founded by a group of real estate veterans and finance professionals that firmly believe in the opportunities offered by the Spanish real estate market.



The ICP team leverages its deep experience and expertise in real estate, finance and general business practice to identify and access unique investment opportunities.



We focus on special situation opportunities that require a multi-disciplinary approach for value creation.


It became obvious to the ICP Group that key services such as accountancy, legal advice, management information systems, logistics and information technology were not easily available on a worldwide integrated basis to businesses of the size and scope of the ICP Group.

Having successfully established strong procedures and applications within the group, ICP was approached by some of its partners for similarly high-specified integrated services for their own businesses. Logistically this gave cost benefits to both parties associated with the sharing of intelligence, technology, procedures and quality control standards across these disciplines.

ICP Management and Services is now in a position to offer a select service to a number of high-profile businesses on a consultancy basis to clients who feel that they could benefit from an external viewpoint without having to rely on several of the traditional and established companies in these fields who will always recommend their own in-house services.

Our Services include:

  • Legal Services
  • Accounting and Fiscal
  • Project Management
  • Commercial
  • Finance consulting
  • Strategy
  • Operations


As an ethical and forward-looking provider of sustainable energy solutions, ICP Energy looks to invest and transforms clean and renewable fuels into energy for now and the future.

Its philosophy is forward-looking and innovative, and it will look to grow its position in the sector through alliances and acquisitions in specific segments which complement its vision for the company. This philosophy is allied to that of the ICP Group: To create value for its partners and shareholders.

In EEE, ICP Energy is already active in an integrated venture as producer and distributor of Geothermal energy aiming to become the market leader in Geothermal operations in Spain.

ICP Energy applies its in-depth engineering and energy management capabilities to all its activities, from initial concept design through to the final selling of electricity.



ICP Education Division is also an important area for the Group. It is founded with the objective of providing students with the best resources and educational techniques internationally available.

EDUCATION In Spain, ICP Education works alongside public education to develop and carry out support programs for individual students with learning and behavioral problems.

In a region like South Spain, a UNIVERSITY which builds a network between child, home and community with the school at its epicenter, ICP Education develops different programs.

Shortly, the company will construct and operate a new, private university in a 6 million square meter land, prime located with the purpose to provide a local educational alternative to all families and residents in the territory and built a center of educational excellence in Spain.

It is important to consider that there is an influx of ex-pats to the area as major companies are opening offices in the region.



Global warming, pollution, lack of vital resources such as water and food and the steady decline of critical fuels such as oil, have led us to reconsider our relationship with nature.

ICP Environment treats the damages and consequences of economic development with solutions that respect eco-systems, developing and promoting our own technologies around the world.

ETER Climate Solutions is just one of these - an innovate Company that will revolutionize the way Climate is analyzed and reported to all key sectors and institutions.

ICP Environment is conscious of the major challenges we face today and their effect on modern society. We rely on nature, not just for our needs but also for our quality of life.


Real Estate

Building on expertise acquired over many years, ICP Real Estate selects its international property portfolio according to strict criteria, advising its clients on more than immediate house-related issues.

Offering real estate in a wide range of types and locations, the company helps individual homebuyers find the right property, but also provide property owners, developers and private investors with support in planning the right real estate strategy.

Whether the requirement is existing residential worldwide, new-build developments such as luxury resorts, leisure, commercial or retail property or innovative regeneration of stock in city centers, ICP Real Estate has the experience and vision to create value for its partners and shareholders.

ICP Real Estate is also very active in portfolio and project management, returning yields from property assets in the UK and worldwide, advising on tenants, legal requirements, tax planning, and most importantly the right time to dispose of assets.

Real Estate



The PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA Park combines all our expertise, together with our vision, that of the Government of Andalusia and that of our government partners, including APPA (Andalusia’s Public Ports Agency), to plan and develop far more than simply real estate programmes. The dry port of Antequera blends perfectly into its environment, benefiting from an innovative energy approach that targets carbon neutrality and that promotes social and societal dynamics. It has everything it takes to boost the development of your industrial, tertiary or logistics activities.


The GROUPE IDEC and PUERTO SECO ANTEQUERA (PSA) are launching a new large-scale programme in Southern Andalusia. It is ideally located at the crossroads of the ports of Malaga and Algeciras and the Atlantic and Mediterranean rail corridors, making it the novel first choice XXL logistics and industrial zone in Spain. With world-class infrastructures and direct access to the largest transport networks, it has all the assets to facilitate the expansion of your logistics or industrial activity in Spain, towards Europe and the rest of the world, including all the North African ports. The Park has been designed from the outset around an ambitious eco-friendly strategy. It seeks to achieve a carbon-neutral footprint, and by using all the sustainable energy sources incorporated in the Park, it will produce more energy than it consumes.



Yves Horoit

Yves Horoit

Veteran serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in real estate as investor, developer and promoter in Spain and Switzerland. Co-founder of ICP and founder of ITS Europe in 1995, a Global telecommunication company that traded publicly in 2001 as ITS Networks on the Nasdaq.

Pablo A. Anderson

Pablo A. Anderson

A lawyer by training, founding partner of ASC Group Holding in 97, has a vast experience in international corporate, finance and real estate transactions, promoting AIFMD regulated vehicles under EU regulators to access Spanish debt and real estate.

Fredrik Faberklev

Fredrik Faberklev

Started as a trainee in the banking world in 91, Frederik has worked for First European Group, UBS, Morval and ICA Capital. He was also the founder of the Alpe-Adria Balkan Fund Ltd.


Mr. Pablo Lopez

Mr. Pablo Lopez

Pablo is a Director and Private Banker at Citi Private Bank covering Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families. Prior to Citi, Pablo spent 8 years with Goldman Sachs covering quasi-institutional UHNW clients across Latin America and holds an advance degree in Private Real Estate Asset Management from Instituto de Empresa.

Mr. Rafael Benzaquen

Mr. Rafael Benzaquen

Rafael is a Barrister of the Supreme Court of Gibraltar and a Member of the Middle Temple. He was also an Advisor to the Government of Gibraltar in the Development of the Gibraltar´s Experienced Investor Funds legislation.

Sami Benchoufi

Mr. Sami Benchoufi

Sami has got a vast experience within the international financial sector. He has worked as a banker for Rothschild Bank and Banque Cantonale in Geneva, Switzerland. He has collaborated with Fuchs & Associates and Nemesis and advised large family offices in Luxembourg and Monaco. Sami is founder and CEO of SB Partners, based in London, a finance advisory firm specialized in debt structuring.

Philip Swire

Mr. Philip Swire

Philip has more than 30 years experience in raising capital for investment funds. During the course of his highly successful career Philip held senior positions at major capital firms like Bankers Trust Deutsche Bank, Donaldson Lufkin & Jenrette (DLJ) and Hambros Bank. He was a Senior Adviser to The Redwood Group now ESR, APAC's leading asset manager and is an Independent Non Executive Director of The Raven Property Group. Before his commercial career, Philip served as an officer in the British Army and retired with the rank of Captain.

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